About Me

I live in Brno, Czech republic. I’m 24 year old guy who freshly graduated from FIT BUT (master’s degree programme information security technology). I worked for AVG (now Avast!), currently I work for Red Hat. Besides my studies in IT I studied psychology and pedagogy.

My bachelor theses at FIT BUT was written for AVG. Its full name is Reconstruction of Instruction idioms in a retargetable decompiler, supervised by Jakub Kroustek. I published few articles about it in magazines such as ComSIS or IEEE. The theses was awarded with 3rd place in a university theses competition. I continued with my theses and I focused mostly on de-optimizations of assemblies/C code in the decompiler which were handled by a separate LLVM module written in C++.

After my bachelor studies I took master’s classes and spent 6 months as an Erasmus student on Crete where I met awesome people from all around the world. Right after my arrival to Brno I finished my theses and graduated in psychology and pedagogy with the final theses titled “Anxiety and Meticulousness” (I passed with honors). I’m still interested in psychology; I took certifications targeted on soft-skills, people management, business skills, etc.

During my master’s I started to work for Red Hat where I enrolled my master’s theses “Linux VPN performance and optimization”, which was supervised (from RH side) by Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos (the creator of Gnu TLS). The main goal of the theses was to reduce number of context switches that were needed in OpenConnect VPN for each packet. The final result of my theses is a Linux kernel module AF_KTLS introducing TLS/DTLS type socket, which was enhanced by Facebook (and now Facebook uses it as you can see). My final place in branch class was in TOP 3 students.

My main interest in IT are algorithmic puzzles, C/C++ (I like assemblies, but I don’t like to write huge asm sources), Python and lately Java. I used to maintain Go projects in Fedora, but I don’t like Go mostly because of the inverse (adverse?) “C syntax”. During the maitanance, I developed a distributed tool gofed-ng. After that I moved to another project at Red Hat where I developed Selinon.

Besides IT, I like nature (I love sunset), good books, football (I used to be a goalkeeper), guitar music (occasionally I play guitar) and a good beer. I hate shoddy or disrespectful people. I also hate traffic jams as they drive me crazy.

My pseudonym is often fridex if you haven’t noticed yet (yes, poisonous ethylene glycol). I am very occasional blogger, so don’t expect me to write posts on daily basis (but I tweet more often).

If you would like to reach me just let me know 😉.